Door County was hit rather hard with a summer storm on June 14, 2017 that took out a large portion of the electricity that serves northern Door County. On that particular evening, our power went out around 7:30pm. We had no idea how long the power would be out and guests started congregating in the lobby.

We just so happened to have the beautiful and talented Sam Grady and her mother staying with us for a few days and Sam got out her ukulele. Sam started serenading our guests with her own written music. (This young lady has such a beautiful voice!) Even with the loss of power, our guests enjoyed themselves and were put to ease with Sam’s performance.

Sam was even kind enough to teach one of our young guests how to play her ukulele. Sam was absolutely amazing and we at High Point Inn know she has a bright future and wish her well. We hope her and her mother come to visit us again next year and bring back her ukulele!

While I was not able to record her while she was playing (I was still giving out lanterns to our guests and running around the building), I was able to ask Sam to play for me the next day. Sam graciously accepted the invitation and went out on our front porch to play. Please enjoy the video below.

Sam has given us permission that if anyone is interested in her music or would like more information, they may email her at