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High Point Neighbors: Door County’s Blue Dolphin House

The work of acrylic artist Brenda Wenberg

The work of acrylic artist Brenda Wenberg

Blue Dolphin House and BHD Studio are pleased to have Brenda Wenberg , as part of the “Afternoon with the Artist” Series on Sunday,  July 19, 2009,in the Gardens of Blue Dolphin House and BDH Studio.  Brenda will be exploring the “Green” aspects of Acrylic Painting through recycling of a painting.  An exhibit of Brenda’s recent paintings will continue at BDH Studio throughout the year.

“I layer, scratch, dab on color, glob on acrylic paint, and then perhaps repaint the whole piece.  But, if I had a challenging and interesting time that work is a success for me.  My paintings are primarily non-objective, sometimes expressing humor, always with little regard for  “correct” color, shape or perspective.” Brenda taught kindergarten, raised four children, directed a religious education program, and is now a grandmother to six, while following a desire to create art.  Born, raised, educated and living in central Wisconsin her non-representational acrylic paintings incorporate spontaneity, humor and a childlike quality. Reflecting her interest in bold color, texture, and pattern the pieces express her love of life. Her work has been exhibited in national, state and local shows, most recently at the Bergstrom-Mahler Museum in Neenah, Wisconsin.

The “Afternoon with the Artist” demonstrations and exhibitions at Blue Dolphin House and BDH Studio are open to the public and free of charge. Blue Dolphin House, recipient of the Top 25 Retailers of American Crafts in 2006 Award, is located on the northern end of Ephraim at 10320 N. Water Street, Hwy 42.  For more information call 920-854-4113 or www.bluedolphinhouse.com for a full listing of all events.