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High Point Neighbors: Door County Scrimshanders and Fine Line Designs Gallery


Ever wonder how Gary Kiracofe of Door County Scrimshander creates his one-of-a-kind scrimshaw art?
Watch this video of Brian Kiracofe at their sister gallery in Newport, RI and you will find out!

Door County Scrimshander is a High Point Neighbor located across the street!

High Point Neighbor Door County’s Fine Line Designs Gallery announces their show schedule for 2010

Colin Page, Gene Reineking, William Murray and Paul Klein
Artist Reception – May 29, 5-8pm

Artist Demo: Sunday, May 30th, 11-2pm by Colin Page and Paul Klein

Lori Beringer, Julie Crabtree, Jude Ryan Reiling & Allan Servoss
Artist Reception – June 12, 5-8pm

Artist Demo: Sunday, June 13, 11-2pm by Allan Servoss

Pamela Murphy & Stephanie Evans
Artist Reception – Thurs, July 8, 5-8pm

Steve Langenecker, Ed Lazzeroni, Donna Lindboe Trupin and Elodie Holmes
Artist Reception – Thurs, Aug 5, 5-8pm

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High Point Neighbors: Ephraim, Door County’s Water Street Art Gallery


Stacy and Fred Bridenhagen are the artist/owners of the iconic Door County Water Street Gallery in Ephraim. The gallery is located two doors north of Leroy’s Coffee Shop across the street from Eagle Harbor. Open all year, the Water Street Gallery features fine art prints as well as original watercolor and oil paintings by many of Door County’s favorite artists. Their artists include Mary Uhl, Karsten Topelmann, Ellen Sprogo Topelmann, Lorna Bell Cornell as well as Fred Bridenhagen and Stacy Bridenhagen and more.

The Water Street Gallery is also one of our featured showcase vendors. Be sure to check them out when you are in Door County, but also online! And be sure to check out their newest art.

Door County winds into the Holiday Season

Thanksgiving is right around the corner so it’s time to remind everyone that Door County, Wisconsin during the holiday season is a decorated and ready for company! We think some of the most charming places the Door peninsula has to offer are right in our own neighborhood.

Be sure to check out the Shops at Green Gables. Establishments open in winter include:
1) American Folklore Theatre The Green Gables office does not have regular hours in winter, but there will be several holiday performances by AFT co-founder Doc Heide and long-time performer Eric Lewis. Get details of their at their website and visit their online store to purchase CDs and gift cards at their.
2) Perfect Beads A variety of wonderful beads. Open weekends November and December. Call 920-854-6472.
3) Rustic Fish Gallery The Rustic Fish Gallery is owned by Door County artists Mary Ann and Erik Rinkleff. We feature Erik’s hand-carved, collectible wood carvings and Mary Ann’s inspirational greeting card line and fine art photography. Open Friday and Saturday during November and December.
4) Door County Scrimshander Resident artist Gary Kiracofe practices scrimshaw, an art that is “two hundred years behind the times.” Visit the gallery he runs with his wife Dawn where they feature knives, jewelry, ornaments, antique ivory and more. Open Friday,¬† Saturday and Sunday during November and December.

McKeefry & Yeomans of Ephraim. Bruce McKeefry and Geoff Yeomans have the perfect mix of house AND garden. From French milled soaps to decorative flowers, distinctive furniture and more. On the corner of Townline Rd. and Hwy. 42 in Ephraim. Open all year. Call 920-854-4749 for hours.

The City Farmer in Ephraim – features a distinctive collection of American and English country furniture and home accents. Winter hours are 10 to 5:30 on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays.

The Paint Box Gallery located next to Joe Jo’s Pizza just north of the High Point Inn. Featuring original art works by local, regional and national artists including a large variety of miniature works. Plus an excellent source of art supplies for the professional and the novice. Open 361 days a year, 10-4 daily.

Joe Jo’s Pizza & Gelato
is open all year long 11am to 8pm and serves thin crust pizza from scratch. Their homemade Gelato gets rave reviews as well as their pizza.

Blue Dolphin House is located just south of the High Point Inn on Hwy 42. They feature contemporary artwork, gifts and home accessories from manufacturers and artists all over the world. Open in winter, but call for days and hours – 800-765-0141.

Wondering if your favorite restaurant or shop has winter hours? Contact Missy by email or by phone 800-595-6894.