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Opening reception at Door County artist Kim Waters gallery in Sister Bay

Re-posted From Door County Style Magazine:

Waters Gallery Opening in Door County, June 27

Kim Waters and Tim Erskine announce The Waters Gallery Opening, Saturday, June 27 from 5 – 8 pm

Newly decorated, The Waters Gallery of Sister Bay, Wisconsin will feature the irresistible, fantasy-filled illustrations of Kim Waters, as well as the photography and distinctive graphic art of Tim Erskine.

Kim Waters’ artistic achievements have been commented on by Donovan, George Harrison, and pop-artist Andy Warhol, who said of Waters’ works, “I love all of the illuminations… the colors are so beautiful.

Nrshingha by Kim Waters

Nrshingha by Kim Waters

Waters’s paintings and illustrations draw freely from Indian spiritual imagery, Persian miniature painting, Medieval and Renaissance illumination, Celtic folklore and Victorian book design. Employing her own unique combination of Western alchemical symbols and intricate borders, Waters introduces viewers to a rich and intriguing fantasy world.

The works of Tim Erskine in photography and graphic design bring technology and science to the forefront of artisting imaging. As a mechanical engineer himself, and the son of a nuclear physisist and an artist, Erskine draws inspiration from his knowledge of science and his enduring love of the arts. His contributions to Waters Gallery include a new series in the concept of circlism. With this series Erskine examines the relationships between solid matter and the cosmos, and, as in all of his works, hopes to show his own internal world of beauty. Both intrinsically simple and infinitely complex, Erskine brings the natural and divine into graceful and chic pieces that draw your eye and hold your gaze.

Waters, called “far more competent and elegant than your average art star…” by the Washington Post, opens the doors of Waters Gallery Saturday, June 27 at 5 pm. Enjoy wine and hors d’oeuvres, and the music of both Erskine and Waters unil 8 pm. Waters Gallery is located at 2263 Waters End Road, Sister Bay, Wisconsin. For more information check out or call 920.854.9808.

High Point Neighbors: Door County’s Fine Line Designs Gallery Second Artist Reception of 2009, Saturday, June 13

Four artists with distinct styles and mediums are the focus of Fine Line Designs Gallery’s Exhibit II, which opens from Friday, June 12 and rins through Tuesday, July 7. Fabric and embroidery artist Martha Fieber, furniture builder Leonard Fieber, pastel artist Alberta Marana, and oil painter Kathie Wheeler are the featured artists for Exhibit II. The artist’s reception for Exhibit II is scheduled for Saturday, June 13 from 4 – 8 pm.

Martha Fieber calls her artwork “landscape in thread,” and focuses on texture, technique, pattern, and detail to express her interest in our human connection to the natural world.  “I needed a change,” Fieber say when asked why she left her primary career in engineering for the art world. Her intricate embroideries often take as many as 60 hours to complete, depending on how intense the design is. Fieber is completely self-taught and focuses primarily on the landscapes and beauty that surrounds her Upper Michigan home. “I want to show everyone how beautiful it is,” says Fieber. “Many landscapes tempt me to record them.”

Furniture artist Leonard Fieber has been working with wood for over 40 years.  His most recent body of work, Beaver Chew Furniture, is made from sticks left behind after beavers have eaten the leaves and bark. “I’ve built furniture all my life,” says Fieber, “but this body of work is really special to me. I feel like the beaver and I are collaborating together.” A lover of the outdoors, Fieber enjoys that his furniture can provide a connection to nature in someone’s home.

Both Martha and Leonard Fieber will be on hand for an artist’s demonstration on Sunday, June 14 from 11am – 2 pm.

Alberta Marana, a pastel artist, says she finds solace in nature from the chaos of the world – and is attracted to the vibrant colors of the wildflowers and grasses in the summer, the dynamic red and golds of the autumn, and the wonderfully moody blues of the evening. “I love looking at the landscape, but I also enjoy working in the landscape,” Marana says. “I really try to convey the emotional experience I get when I look at nature – I like to call it ‘the wow.’”

Oil painter Kathie Wheeler was drawn to the work of the American Impressionists as a child, who would take to the fields and woods with their sketchbooks and paints to record the beauty of their surroundings.  “All of my paintings are scenes from my own experiences,” Wheeler says, going on to say that her farm in Southern Wisconsin is responsible for much of this inspiration. Wheeler has been painting “as long as she could hold something in her hand.”  Kathie was the winner of the Quick Paint at the 2008 Door County Plein Air Festival.

Fine Line Designs Gallery is located at the north end of Ephraim at 10376 Highway 42 and features original paintings, sculpture, custom wood furnishings, and fiber art from over 90 renowned artists.  The gallery also hosts the annual Town Line Art Fair every year on Columbus Day weekend.  Gallery hours are daily 10:00 am – 6:00 pm, Sundays 10:00 am – 5:00 pm.  For more information about Fine Line Designs Gallery or its artists and exhibitions, please call (920) 854-4343 or visit

High Point Neighbors: Door County’s Fine Line Designs Gallery First Artist Reception of 2009, Saturday, May 23

Fine Line Designs Gallery Artist's Reception

Fine Line Designs Gallery Artist Reception

Three artists inspired by sweeping landscape and nature set the scene for Fine Line Designs Gallery’s first exhibit.   The artist reception for Exhibit I is scheduled for Saturday, May 23 from 4:00 – 8:00 pm. Featured artists  Sally Mortenson-Korolewski, Ken Bronikowski, and Gene Reineking will be on hand to meet and greet visitors as well as discuss their work.  Reineking will also be part of a special artist demo on Sunday, May 24 from 11:00 – 2:00 pm. Exhibit I runs May 15 – June 10.

Sally Mortenson-Korolewski’s medium of choice is egg tempera with watercolor – and says that this specialized technique allows her to build layers of color into her paintings – “similar to the layers of an onion.”  “The egg/water mixture, when added to the paint, creates this beautiful luster,” she says.  “The depth and color that can be achieved is simply beautiful.”  The last student of the late Gerhard C.F. Miller, Mortenson loves to paint grand landscapes and architectural subjects – anything with a “strong element in the work.”  “Gerhard always said that watercolor was the ‘sportiest medium,” Mortenson says, “And I wholeheartedly agree.  It’s an unpredictable and often uncontrollable medium – and that’s precisely why I’m intrigued with it.”

Oil painter Ken Bronkowski often paints with a limited palette of only four or five colors, and he says that these few colors “keep him honest” in his work.  “I try to be very honest in my art, concentrating on draftsmanship, values (light and dark), edges, temperature, and color.”  The particular concentration on temperature rather than values is of great importance to him – an ideal instilled in his from his studies under William Mosby at the Academy of Art in Chicago.  “Mosby’s favorite quote was ‘Never change a value in a painting until you have to. Always change the temperature first – and that’s why I tend to paint warm to cool instead of light to dark.”  Bronkowski tends to paint landscapes and still lifes, but finds that he especially enjoys painting portraits, which are a constant learning device for him.  “Art is a continual learning experience for me,” he says.  “A new painting is akin to attending school.”

A former studio potter, Gene Reineking turned to wood sculpture after a hand injury, and began to draw his inspiration from the creatures and forms that inhabit the woodlands, lakes, and streams that surround his studio in the glacial moraine country of Central Wisconsin.  As a result of his surroundings, his work for the Fine Line show will consist primarily of stylized mammals and birds such as hawks, herons, eagles, and sandhill cranes – “mostly animals that I know,” Reineking says.  “It’s so much more enjoyable to carve something I’m farmiliar with.”  Carving out of wood burl from trees growing in Oregon and California that are often five feet wide by ten feet high, Reineking’s free-standing and wall-mounted sculptures can range anywhere from two to six feet. Gene will be onsite demonstrating his carving techniques on Sunday, May 24 from 11-2pm.

High Point Neighbors: The Shops & Gardens of Green Gables

The Shops and Gardens of Green Gables

The Shops and Gardens of Green Gables

The Shops and Gardens of Green Gables, located in North Ephraim on Hwy 42, are home to a variety of shops and a great cafe.  However, the beautiful perennial gardens, created and lovingly tended by Peter Buergin-Witt, have become the “billboard” for this unique shopping complex.

During one season, hundreds of people stop to stroll, photograph or just enjoy the delightful sights and smells of “Peter’s Gardens”.  Peter graciously gives of his time and knowledge (which reaches far beyond gardening) to lead FREE tours of the gardens every Wednesday at 11:00 am. These tours have become a “Door County Must Stop” for both amateur and master gardeners alike.

Located within Green Gables are the following establishments:

The Perfect Beads (for both professional and amateur beaders)
American Folklore Theatre (Ticket Office)
Scrimshanders Gallery (scrimshaw by resident artist, Gary Kiracofe)
42nd Street Accents (a boutique like no other)
Rustic Fish Gallery (carvings by Eric Rinkleff)
Windflower Gifts (home decor and Ephraim green pottery)
Mill Road Cafe (great lunches featuring Judy’s own recipes)

More information can be found at