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High Point Inn Neighbors: The Bead Bucket at the Shorewood Village Shops in Ephraim


Stop in and see Tera Rossman, owner of The Bead Bucket

Door County is full of charming shops for browsing and buying. One of our favorite charming shops is located in Ephraim near Leroy’s Water Street Coffee - The Bead Bucket. Owner Tera Rossman has accumulated an impressive array of materials with which DIY aficionados can assemble funky, beautiful beaded jewelry. The Bead Bucket also offers many pre-made items – earrings, necklaces and more – that will be a perfect gift for a loved one or yourself!

We recommend you grab a coffee beverage at Leroy’s and head on over to see Tera at The Bead Bucket where you can browse the materials you need for your next masterpiece.

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High Point Neighbors: Night Sky Photographs at the Frykman Gallery

The amazing photography of Heather and Lucas Frykman

Just down the road from the High Point Inn on Highway 42 is the Frykman Gallery. Originally started by David Frykman as a showcase for his whimsical carved Santa Claus figures, David’s son Lucas and his wife Heather Harle Frykman have added their nature photography to the mix. And if you stop by the show whose opening reception is Saturday, September 22 and Sunday, September 23 you will be in for a big surprise!

Heather and Luke’s show titled “Night Sky Photography” features some of the most beautiful Milky Way, Northern Light images you will ever see. From their press release:

The event will showcase new night sky photography by Lucas and Heather Frykman. This collection, shot over the last few years, includes photos of the Northern Lights over the harbors of Northern Door County and wide-field Milky Way landscapes from around the peninsula. Astrophotography has been a passion of Lucas’s in particular, but he has seldom shown his nighttime work until now.

The opening will take place from 10-5PM Saturday and Sunday and will feature refreshments as well as a drawing for artwork. Heather and Lucas will be there. Any questions? If so you may call 920-854-7351. To view the images click here. The photos look amazing on the computer screen, but art is really meant to be enjoyed in person!

Make sure you make your reservation for a little fall star gazing. Call the High Point Inn at 920-854-9773 to reserve your suite. Or email

Our Door County neighbors: Fine Line Designs Gallery 2012 season opens this weekend!

On Saturday, May 26 our High Point Inn neighbor – Ephraim’s  Fine Line Designs Gallery will open their 2012 season with a variety of work by 4 artists. There will be wine and snacks and lots of good company. Here is a description of the work from their website:

Paul Klein’s “sculptural lighting” features locally gathered wood, stone, and are topped with his own handmade paper shades. A Wisconsin native and self-taught artist, Klein believes that nature’s treasures – or “local exotics,” as he calls them – can be found everywhere, and he enjoys the spontaneity of finding objects in nature and incorporating them into one of his intricate pieces.

Mixed media artist Ed Lazzeroni uses metal as a canvas to create two- and three-dimensional artworks. An industrial designer before becoming an artist, Lazzeroni came to love and appreciate the malleability and reflectivity of metal – and began altering it in any way possible. He also works with acrylic paint and over time finds that his fascination with paint is identical to the one he feels with metal.

Working almost exclusively with acrylic paints after three decades of painting with watercolors, artist Richard Patt paints one of the “most precious realities” in his life, which is the Wisconsin landscape. He uses large, dramatic formats to convey his work – some of it almost photographic, but most ripe with the texture of the gritty, aging surfaces like stone or barnsides. Patt says he’ll use any method of painting that he needs to as long as the character of the rural landscape is felt or understood.

Oil painter Ken Bronikowski says he tries to be “very honest” in his art, concentrating on draftsmanship, edges, temperature, and color. He often works in a limited palette of four colors in his portrait and landscape work, allowing himself to remain aware of temperature changes in each piece. Many of his oil studies are painted alla prima – meaning on location, direct and without little preliminary sketching, and finished in one painting session.

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Sunshine Over the Door Peninsula

We are nearing the middle of November and have been enjoying some great weather here in Door County!  The sun has been shining and the temperatures have actually been in the 50′s.   The warmer temperatures probably wont last much longer so make sure to take advantage!

It looks like Friday won’t be one of our better days in relation to weather, but the county still has some great events that wont require you to face mother nature!

At Door Community Auditorium on Friday the high school is putting on an encore performance of Seussical the Musical. They were selected to perform for a special theatre showcase the following weekend so they bought the show back.  It is a fun show, now with new choreography and a few more finishing touches.  Then on Saturday Peninsula School of Art has a new exhibit starting called “The Value of Black and White”. 

It is not too late to come stay with us at High Point Inn this weekend.  It is a nice quiet time to come, but there is still plenty to do!

Door County Benefit Concert: Musical artists gather to support the Peninsula Arts Association

Peninsula Arts Association Benefit Concert
High Point Inn would like to salute the Peninsula Arts Association (PAA) and all the great work they have done since their founding in 1937. From their website:

The Peninsula Arts Association is a non- profit organization that has been promoting and supporting the arts in Door County, WI since 1937. As a recipient of the Wisconsin Arts Board program, ArtFund, we have funded over $500,000 since 1994 to countless local artists and organizations.

On Wednesday, November 10 at the English Inn in Fish Creek, some of Door County’s favorite musicians will gather to raise money for the PAA ArtFUND. Come listen to some great music and help out an organization that has been promoting the arts and the artists of the Door Peninsula for the past 73 years!

For tickets call: 920-854-2688

And be sure to book your reservation for a great midweek break at the High Point Inn!

Door County Lodging Fun Fact: Stay at the High Point Inn in Ephraim AND watch the Packer/Bear game on HDTV!


If you were staying at the High Point Inn in Door County this Monday night you could enjoy watching one of the longest running rivalries in football: the Green Bay Packers vs. the Chicago Bears. And you would be enjoying it on our new HDTVs! Think about that before you book your next trip to Door County.

Door County in the Fall: A great place for a walk in the woods!


Can you picture yourself walking down this path?  All you need to do is head to Door County. September and October are the perfect months to take in all the beauty this part of Wisconsin has to offer. This photo was taken in Peninsula State Park,  one of the many beautiful parks with hiking trails for people of all ages.

Door County, Wisconsin is home to some of the most beautiful wooded hiking trails you will find anywhere (many of them are located close to High Point Inn). Check out any or all of Door County’s wonderful wooded wonderland!

Peninsula State Park •  Newport State Park •  Ellison Bluff ParkDoor County Parks
Rock Island State Park
Potawatomi State ParkRidges Sanctuary
Björklunden Vid Sjön
Crossroads at Big Creek

And be sure to check out our amazing Splendor in September special!

A Taste of Door County

Door County has its own unique flavor, and one of the best ways to experience this is to visit the local farmers market.  On Saturdays in Sister Bay at the Corner of the Past Museum there is a farmers market where locals are able to sell produce and other fresh items. 

The farmers market is a great way to see what is grown on the Door Peninsula, and to meet some local residents.  The Farmers Market also has featured guests.  This weekend Jeanne Aurelius of Clay Bay Pottery will be there and the following weekend there will be Native American flutes with Mike Farmer. 

Once you have some local produce you can come back and relax at High Point Inn and cook up a nice meal in your kitchen, then enjoy the flavors on your own private patio!

Splendor in September at High Point Inn


It is hard to forget that August is right around the corner, and following close behind is September.  At High Point Inn we are getting ready for September, one of the best months in Door County!

During the week in September the Door Peninsula is a calm and beautiful place, it is a great time to make a nice relaxing visit.  At High Point Inn we would like to make your stay even more enjoyable with our Splendor in September special! We are offering a special deal on your stay along with added perks!  The package includes wine, dinner deals, tickets for Red Putter mini golf and more!

Check out our website for more details.  It truly is a great deal!

The Door County Artistic Side

One of the key aspects of Door County culture is art.  There are many artists that reside and work on the peninsula, taking their inspiration from the beautiful surroundings.  The artistic forms practiced here vary, including sculpture work, pottery, glass creations, music and performing arts.  Of course, one of the classic forms of art is painting, and this weekend is a celebration of this art. 

Plein Air Festival is now in full swing ending tomorrow July 24th.  Over 40 artists are moving their work to the great outdoors and creating an image of Door County through painting.  The festival offers special events for the family and following this weekend the paintings will be on display at The Peninsula School of Art until August 7th. 

Come see the artists at work, or at least take a trip to the art school to see the artist’s representation of the Door Peninsula.   We would be glad to have you stay with us at High Point Inn!