High Point Inn loves Egg Harbor’s Pumpkin Patch Festival

It’s no secret that Door County loves a good festival.  One of favorite autumn festivals in Door County, is Egg Harbor’s Pumpkin Patch. On Saturday October 12 and Sunday October 13th see Egg Harbor play host to Pumpkin Patch this year.

The events kick off straight away Saturday morning with a silent auction, live music, children’s activities, along with craft and vendor stalls.  If your tummy starts rumbling from the days activities don’t be scared! There will also be food and beer stalls to help revive you!

Check out the schedule here:

Saturday, October 12
10am-4:30pm Silent Auction
10am-2pm Mighty Mouth
10am-4pm Carnival Rides and Inflatables
10am-5pm Face Painting
10am-5pm Juried Arts & Crafts Vendors at Baylake Bank
11am-1pm Children’s Musician
11am-3pm Roaming Magician
1pm-4pm Storyteller
2pm-5:30pm Mango Brothers
Sunday, October 13
10am-1:15pm Big Mouth
10am-4pm Carnival Rides and Inflatables
10am-5pm Face Painting
10am-5pm Juried Arts & Crafts Vendors at Baylake Bank
12pm-3pm Storyteller
1:30pm-4:30pm Big Mouth & The Power Tool Horns | Rock & Blues

The days events end at 5 pm but there are plenty of restaurants and bars to visit when the sun goes down.

A great part about staying at the High Point Inn is the use of their full kitchens in every suite! If you fancy a home cooked meal after a days adventure at Pumpkin Patch you can pick up everything you need in Egg Harbor!

After a day of fun at Egg Harbor's Pumpkin Patch, stop at MacReady's and Main Street Market and create a feast in your High Point Inn suite!

After a day of fun at Egg Harbor’s Pumpkin Patch, stop at MacReady’s and Main Street Market for some amazing snacks and create a feast in your High Point Inn suite!

MacReady Bread Company is a new addition to Egg Harbor but offers amazing bread that should not be missed! After, head to Main Street Market to peruse their deli for meats and cheeses as well as their wine and beer selection!

You’ll arrive back at the High Point Inn tired after your first or possibly third or fourth visit to Pumpkin Patch ready for a quiet night in with your bounty from MacReady and Main Street Market. Enjoy and relax – remember, you’re on vacation!


A day in the life of a Door County Autumn Mid-Week Guest….


Autumn weekdays in Door County are something to be treasured. The beauty is the same but the setting offers a friendly but relaxed attitude. There is something to be said about getting a table right away at Al Johnson’s and not having to salivate while your watching other people with their pancakes.

However, just because the hustle and bustle is gone doesn’t mean there are any less activities going on!

After waking up to a great nights sleep at High Point Inn a crisp autumn morning greets you while you brew your first morning coffee. The leaves changing on the trees look particularly beautiful this morning so you decide to head to Newport State Park for a peaceful walk. The trails are quieter there but no less impressive than Peninsula State Park.

After your hike you’re feeling relaxed and a bit more stimulated. You’re stomach is growling and only The Viking Grill can satisfy it! You drive back south and stop in for some fuel for the day’s activities.

Traffic has slowed down which makes traveling between towns and villages much faster! It’s a secret only the locales know. You’re able to hit more shops and galleries than when you visit in the summer. Which is great for you! Maybe not so much for your partner. You decide to reward them with a tasty burger and a Wisconsin beer at the Cornerstone Pub in Baileys Harbor.

You’ve had a full day of activities but aren’t done yet! You decide to head back to High Point Inn for a wee nap. Don’t forget you’re on vacation! You deserve a nap.

This evening you and your partner are going to Peninsula Players to see their fall show “Miracle on South Division Street”. The play is under cover so there is no need to worry about rain! However, before you head there you drop in to Mr. Helsinki’s for a few appetizers and drinks. The atmosphere is great, you could sit there all night but there is a play to be seen!

You’ve had a fun packed and full day in Door County and now it’s off to bed! It’s a good thing you’re staying at High Point Inn! You aren’t sure what adventures you want to get up to tomorrow. You’re on vacation though and there is nothing wrong with sleeping in and enjoying the amenities High Point Inn has to offer!

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