Winter in Door County: Coffee and Baked Goods at Base Camp in Sister Bay


Joel and Alicia Kersebet have two thriving businesses in Sister Bay. Ecology Sport and Base Camp Coffee. Both share an historic building that was once the Town Shop of Liberty Grove at the north end of Sister Bay. Base Camp Coffee is located in the basement of the building and features coffee and Espresso drinks, and menu items starring Joel’s exquisite baked goods – all made onsite. Today’s menu included Artichoke Strata, Squash and Lentil Chili as well as French (Joel hails from France) style bakery including melt in your mouth croissants and hearty scones.

Upstairs you can find clothing and gifts for the active lifestyle. Headed on a vacation that includes walking tours? Ecology Sport has the proper footwear as well as clothing that will travel well in any climate. Both businesses are open year round with a break in March.

And after a busy day hiking the roads or skiing the trails of northern Door County, relax in your suite at the High Point Inn in Ephraim. Maybe that includes a glass of wine in front of the fireplace or perhaps a soak in the in-room whirlpool. Book a room for our Valentine’s special or call ahead to watch the Super Bowl in your suite on HDTV! Bring your own Packer pennants!

A Positive Outlook on Negative Temperatures in Door County

As in most of Wisconsin, here in Door County we have been experiencing some very cold temperatures.  It is true that the cold can be hard to face when we have to run outside to get something, or hop into a vehicle that has yet to warm up, but there is a positive side to these colder than cold temperatures.  Here are some ways to see the positive in these negative temperatures!

1) The cold weather makes a great excuse to stay in bed a little longer, enjoying the warmth of the sun without the coldness of the air.

2) With the bitter cold it is easy to feel guilt free while staying indoors and enjoying a great book while sitting by a warm fire, or bundled up on the sofa. 

3) The cold weather may keep us indoors, but it keeps us indoors together!  Family time can flourish in the cold temperatures with great board games, tasty treats and little chats.

4) A fine warm dinner tastes even better.  Sitting back with a nice glass of wine and a tasty entree while watching the weather outside is very satisfying!

Today on the Door Peninsula I saw a family out for coffee and hot chocolate at Base Camp coffee shop after a day of sledding on Hill 17.  It was a reminder of how the winter can bring people together.

Here at High Point Inn the fireplace has been on and everyone’s gathered together.  Puzzles have been put together, games of checkers and ping-pong have been going all day, the pool and hot tub have been active with families and everyone’s smiling! 

So don’t let the weather get you down!  This is the time for some quiet relaxation and family bonding!

Cozy Indoor and Fun Outdoor Winter Activities in Door County: don’t let the lack of snow slow you down!

The snow is slowly settling back onto the frozen fields of the Door County landscape.  Unfortunately the accumulation is still not enough to get snowmobilers and cross country skiers back on the trail, but on the bright side it IS enough to add to the winter scenery.  Even with a lack of snow the beauty of the door peninsula remains; the trees and fields are touched with white and the ice and snow have created formations along the shores of Lake Michigan.

Here are some ideas from High Point Inn on what to do when skiing, sledding and snowmobiling are not an option.

1) Go for a hike in one of our beautiful state parks!  Put on a pair of warm boots and enjoy the trails even if it’s not on a pair of cross country skis.

2) Attend one of the shows at the Door Community Auditorium.  They have a series of Fireside Coffeehouse concerts and a Souper Movies series that just requires canned food donations to get in.

3) Visit a winery or two.  The wineries offer great selection and a pleasant way to warm up on a cold winters day.  Stones Throw Winery even offers chocolate and wine pairing.

4) Create your own art!  Make a fun stop at Hands on Art Studio and make your own Door County inspired artwork.

5)  RELAX!  The beauty of Door County at this time of year is that it is quiet and peaceful.  Let relaxation soak in while sitting in front of a warm fireplace, reading a book, sipping a glass of wine or soaking in the whirlpool.

With the snow slowly returning make sure to keep an eye on the ski trail conditions at!  We could be back on the trails soon!

Making Door County a Great Crafty Escape: Group Outings at the High Point Inn

Door County is known for its arts, probably do to the natural beauty that surrounds us here and the inspiration it can provide.  This time of year tends to get drawn out due to the cold air and often gray skies, but now it’s time to take advantage of this quiet time and plan a getaway with your favorite craft!

At High Point Inn we have a conference room that is perfect for group gatherings.  Simply get your scrap booking, quilting, sewing, photography, beading or other craft group together and head our way!  Stay with us for a few days and book the conference room for no extra charge.   Until May you can even take advantage of our 3 for 2 special! 

This is the right time of year to get the group together and on the road!  Plus, what better place to practice your arts and crafts than in Door County?

For more information please feel free to email us at or call us at 1-800-595-6894.