Stormy Winter Day in Door County

As most of the Midwest knows we are in the midst of a snowstorm and the best thing to do is stay where you are!  There are a few of us here at High Point Inn today watching the wind blow outside.  As soon as the wind dies down and things are cleared up we are going to be left with a beautiful snow covered peninsula! 

It will now be a great time to come visit Door County for the fun outdoor winter activities!  You can:

1) Snowmobile around the county and make fun stops along the way.

2) Go cross-country skiing in Peninsula State Park, you can even rent skis at Nor Door Sport across from the park if you don’t have your own. 

3) Go snowshoeing.  You can snowshoe in the parks or at The Ridges Sanctuary!

4) Go sledding!  We even had a family go sledding here on the property today!  Although Peninsula State Park has the best ski hill that I know of!

Come join us for some outdoor fun, but make sure to wait until it’s safe to travel!

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