After the Rush in Door County: a relaxing getaway!

The end of the busy tourist season is upon us on the Door Peninsula, but that doesn’t mean we are packing up too!  Door County is still a great destination for a relaxing and or romantic getaway.  With busy schedules and the cooler weather ahead this is a great time to make a quick escape to the peninsula where you can really feel like you’ve left it all behind. 

Make sure to check out the High Point Inn website to see all the special offers we have starting November 1st!   Please feel free to call us with questions at 1-800-595-6894.  We look forward to having you join us here on the peninsula!

Door County Benefit Concert: Musical artists gather to support the Peninsula Arts Association

Peninsula Arts Association Benefit Concert
High Point Inn would like to salute the Peninsula Arts Association (PAA) and all the great work they have done since their founding in 1937. From their website:

The Peninsula Arts Association is a non- profit organization that has been promoting and supporting the arts in Door County, WI since 1937. As a recipient of the Wisconsin Arts Board program, ArtFund, we have funded over $500,000 since 1994 to countless local artists and organizations.

On Wednesday, November 10 at the English Inn in Fish Creek, some of Door County’s favorite musicians will gather to raise money for the PAA ArtFUND. Come listen to some great music and help out an organization that has been promoting the arts and the artists of the Door Peninsula for the past 73 years!

For tickets call: 920-854-2688

And be sure to book your reservation for a great midweek break at the High Point Inn!

No Peak? No Problem. Late Fall in Door County

Although peak color has past, the beauties of fall still remain on the Door Peninsula.  The leaves have fallen in great numbers but they are still full of color on the ground, creating decorated pathways for hiking and biking.  The autumn aroma of dry leaves and fresh air is even stronger and there are still quite a few trees with colorful leaves still holding on. 

This time of year is simply peaceful and gorgeous in Door County.  The festivals have passed leaving a quiet peninsula perfect for a relaxing visit. 

This year has been an especially great fall season; the weather has been perfect and there have been plenty of friendly faces.  It’s not too late to join us at High Point Inn for the fall season!

What to do on a cool fall day in Door County

Door County is a great place for both fun and relaxation.  Here are a few ideas of how to enjoy a cool fall day on the Door Peninsula.

1) Start the day off right with a trip to one of the local coffee shops.  There are great options in every town!  In Ephraim there is Leroy’s, in Sister Bay there is Base Camp and Drink Coffee, in Baileys Harbor there is Espresso Lane and The Blue Horse in Fish Creek. 

2) Go antiquing, finding hidden treasures in the fall is especially fun! 

3) Take a hike or a bike ride through the state park of your choice.  This is a good way to warm up and soak up the great autumn air. 

4) Enjoy a nice relaxing sit down meal at one of the many great restaurants

5) Take in a sunset to see the fall colors at their best.  As the sun goes down you can see the trees in a different light, just make sure to bring an extra layer because once the sun has set it gets chilly!

6) Cozy up for the rest of the evening!  At High Point Inn you can sit by the fireplace or take a nice soak in the hot tub.

No matter what you do make sure to enjoy all the beauties of autumn in Door County this year; the weather has made it amazing!

A Closer Look at the Nature of Door County: a visit to The Ridges Sanctuary

Door County has a great variety of State Parks that offer a number of fun outdoor activities.  They vary in landscapes and offer nature centers full of information pertaining to the parks.  There are also great nature preserves on the Door Peninsula that are often overlooked.  The Ridges Sanctuary is one of these preserves.

The Ridges offer 5 miles of hiking trails in a beautiful setting.  Just the other day I made it out on a hike there and could not believe it had taken me so long to get out there.  It was a very relaxing trip and also very interesting.  The land is unique and has swales that look like small rivers along with varying terrain. 

The Ridges is a great year round non-profit organization with group outings, a fun nature center and events for the whole family.  Make sure to take the time to check out this great place next time you’re in Door County!  Just by visiting these preserves you are helping to keep the Door Peninsula the way it is.

High Point Inn is a short drive to all these great natural markers, and they are open year round!  Come join us for hiking, biking, skiing or snowshoeing!

A Pleasant Outlook : it’s looking like a great weekend for Pumpkin Patch in Door County!

The weekend is fast approaching and the weather has been beautiful!  The sun has been shining on the Door Peninsula revealing all the beautiful new colors and shimmering on the waters of Lake Michigan.  It looks like this should continue into the weekend, which will be great for Pumpkin Patch in Egg Harbor!

Egg Harbor will have plenty of events for the whole family.  It is the perfect time to get your fall treats and to take in the fall air.  Once you’ve had enough of the crowds you can then tour some of the scenic back roads and travel to the northern part of the peninsula to take it all in.

If you are joining us in Door County for this beautiful weekend make sure to bring layers!  The days have been nice and warm in the sun but the cool fall air still takes over at night.  At High Point Inn we are excited for the weekend, we have the apple cider hot and the apples fresh from the orchard!

Apples Apples Everywhere! A great aspect of fall in Door County

The Door Peninsula is brimming with apples!  Now the season is truly upon us for apple pies, apple cider and of course caramel apples. 

There are many local farm markets along the scenic Door County roadways. The markets offer large bags of a variety of delicious apples along with other great fall treats.  Here are a couple markets to make sure you check out:

1) Seaquist Orchards in Ellison Bay

2) Lautenbach’s Orchard Country Winery and market in Fish Creek

These two markets are especially great because they offer fun for the whole family.  There are of course many other great farm markets in the area. 

Here at High Point Inn we are offering complimentary Cortland apples and hot apple cider to celebrate October.  Come join us to celebrate the beautiful fall season!