Splendor in September at High Point Inn


It is hard to forget that August is right around the corner, and following close behind is September.  At High Point Inn we are getting ready for September, one of the best months in Door County!

During the week in September the Door Peninsula is a calm and beautiful place, it is a great time to make a nice relaxing visit.  At High Point Inn we would like to make your stay even more enjoyable with our Splendor in September special! We are offering a special deal on your stay along with added perks!  The package includes wine, dinner deals, tickets for Red Putter mini golf and more!

Check out our website for more details.  It truly is a great deal!

A Relaxing Bicycle Ride in Door County

Door County is a great place for cycling.  The peninsula offers many back roads that are suited for riding and there is also a selection of bike trails.  The best trail (in my opinion that is) is Sunset Bike Trail in Peninsula State Park.  The park is just a short drive from High Point Inn and Sunset Trail is a beautiful family bike trail.   

The trail itself is about 10 miles long and it goes in a nice loop through the state park.  The path leads you by Eagle Bluff Lighthouse and Nicolet Bay Beach, which has a nice sand beach along with a playground, concessions and boat rentals.   It also crosses by the American Folklore theatre.  This trail is great because it offers a biking area away from cars and it is open to the whole family.  Also, most of the course is shaded and goes by the water, perfect for sightseeing!

Just the other morning I made it out on the trail early, it was a very peaceful ride.  Getting out on the trail early is always nice,this is generally a quieter time and the wildlife is still out!  On my ride, I managed to see two does, two fawns, and a baby chipmunk (which wasn’t very quick to get out of the way).

If you’re looking for a fun family activity this is it!  Then after the ride everyone will be ready to cool off in the lake or here in the outdoor pool at High Point Inn.

The Door County Artistic Side

One of the key aspects of Door County culture is art.  There are many artists that reside and work on the peninsula, taking their inspiration from the beautiful surroundings.  The artistic forms practiced here vary, including sculpture work, pottery, glass creations, music and performing arts.  Of course, one of the classic forms of art is painting, and this weekend is a celebration of this art. 

Plein Air Festival is now in full swing ending tomorrow July 24th.  Over 40 artists are moving their work to the great outdoors and creating an image of Door County through painting.  The festival offers special events for the family and following this weekend the paintings will be on display at The Peninsula School of Art until August 7th. 

Come see the artists at work, or at least take a trip to the art school to see the artist’s representation of the Door Peninsula.   We would be glad to have you stay with us at High Point Inn!

Deer Crossing in Door County


There are many cases of deer sightings in Door County.  Many reside in the parks and you might even be able to spot a deer from one of our patios at High Point Inn.   Unfortunately a lot of these sightings occur when you are traveling on the road.

Just the other morning on my way to work I had a deer run out in front of my car.  Naturally this was not the first time that this has happened to me, since it is so common on the Door Peninsula.  What made this morning different was that following a bit behind the doe was a small fawn.  It ran out soon after the mom on legs that were still wobbly.  It was so adorable but it was also a reminder that even if a deer has already crossed the road in front of you, there will most likely be another one coming.

On the up side, this is the time of year when there are quite a few fawns around the county, especially in the parks.  It is a great time to take the family on a bike ride or a hike in Peninsula State Park and keep your eyes peeled for those does and their fawns!

High Point Inn is just a short drive from parks and many other activities.  We invite you to come join us, just watch for deer on the drive to the peninsula!

Door County Triathlon this Saturday!

The Door County Triathlon is this Saturday July 17th.  The sign up for the sprint is already full and some spots remain open for the 1/2 iron man.  It is looking to be a busy and eventful weekend.  Door County is a beautiful place to participate in an event like this.  The scenery is gorgeous and there is plenty of space!

For those visiting with their families and not participating in the triathlon there are still ways to get involved.  For instance, many can enjoy the fine art of being a spectator.  It is fascinating to see so many participants and their athletic abilities.  There is also a way to get the family involved in a mini triathlon.  The Door County YMCA is offering a triathlon for the kids!

It should be a beautiful weekend for the event.  Of course, before and after the triathlon there is much to be done!  The Door Community Auditorium has Joan Baez in concert this weekend and the cherries are at their best!

Golfing, or just putting, in Door County

I must admit that I am not a golfer, even though Door County is an amazing place to enjoy this sport.  There are many courses to choose from here and most of them are located in especially scenic areas.  For those golfers out there, this is a great time to visit!

Now, for the rest of us the Door Peninsula still offers mini golf (also known as putt putt).  This is a great way to get the whole family together (both golfers and non golfers).  

Here at High Point Inn we are in walking distance from The Red Putter, a local favorite for mini golfing.  A short drive from here there is also Pirate’s Cove, a fun pirate themed course and also Johnson’s Park which not only has mini golf but also go-karts, batting cages and more. 

Mini golf can be a lot of fun for the whole family, so come join in the fun!

Door County Wildlife Watch

It seems that the large amount of rain we have had here in Door County, followed by bright sunshine and warm weather has bought out the wildlife.  The Birds are in the fields, including wild turkeys and cranes.  In the woods there are many deer and their fawns along with a multitude of mosquitoes (just remember bug spray.)  We even had a snake sighting (harmless of course and OUTSIDE.) 

Wildlife is a big part of the Door Peninsula.  There are places you can go while you’re here to learn more about different species and habitats.  In Peninsula State Park there is a nature center that has a permanent collection along with special activities for the family.  The Ridges Sanctuary in Baileys Harbor offers great information about the local environment and has special planned activities.  In Whitefish Dunes State Park there is also a nature center with even more information.  These places are great to visit because you not only have a great source of information but you’re also right in the parks and can hike around to investigate.

On your next visit to High Point Inn make sure to take the time to check out the parks or even just the wildlife you see while on the run.

Sunshine in Door County!

It appears that the clouds have finally broken here in Door County, leaving a positive outlook for the weekend.  From here at High Point Inn I can see the sun pouring in through the windows and reflecting off the pools.  After so many clouds the past couple days this is a welcome sight.  The good news is it looks like this is our forecast for the weekend!

With sunshine and highs around 80 it is the perfect time to make a quick trip to the Door Peninsula for some outdoor recreation.  There are many parks and beaches to choose from. 

This is also a great time to visit one of Door County’s outdoor theatres.  This weekend Door Shakespeare, which is located in the garden at Bjorklunden, is starting their 2010 season.  There is also American Folklore Theatre in Peninsula State Park , which is great for the whole family, and Peninsula Players off the shoreline in Fish Creek.  The Players offer a great sunset view before the performances.  (Just remember the bug spray.)

Even if you just choose to relax by the lake or the pool, it is looking like a beautiful weekend to be out and about in Door County!

Happy Independence Day!

The 4th of July is just days away and it’s not too late to join us in Door County at High Point Inn.  We have the outdoor pool and grills all ready to go! 

The Door Peninsula is full of activities for July 4th.  Each town has its own traditions and there are even some new ones being added this year.  There are parades, arts and crafts, food, music and more. 

Of course we can’t forget the fireworks!  The peninsula is a great place to experience fireworks; with the surrounding water the view is unbeatable.  Tomorrow night, the 3rd, Egg Harbor will have their fireworks display and on the 4th there will be fireworks in Sturgeon Bay, Fish Creek, Baileys Harbor, Gills Rock and Washington Island

Make this an Independence Day to remember and join us in Door County at High Point Inn!