Cherry season is just around the corner!

Here at High Point Inn we are ready for Cherry season. Near by there is a small cherry orchard and on the drive in today I noticed that they have turned a nice shade of red.

Door County is known for its cherries.  Near by is Seaquist Orchards, which actually processes 2/3 of Wisconsin’s cherries.   All over the county you can find various sizes of cherry orchards. 

Cherries can be purchased in many locations throughout the county, but one of the best ways to get your cherries is to pick them yourself.  Many farm markets offer this opportunity to get right in the orchard and pick out your own.  Of course, there are other ways to get your Door County cherries, mainly in the form of freshly baked pies and other baked goods. 

Come join us at High Point Inn while the picking is good!  You could even bake a fresh Door County cherry pie in your own suite!

A Door County Renaissance Faire and more!

At High Point Inn we are looking forward to another fun weekend in Door CountyOlde Ellison Bay Days is taking place along with a Renaissance Fantasy Faire in Egg Harbor

Both of these activities offer food and entertainment and could easily keep everyone entertained! 

The weather forecast is also looking quite good with the exception of a few thunderstorms.  With the good weather and these fun events it’s a great time to come visit us, there’s still time! 


Door County Sunsets and Ice Cream

On a warm day in Door County there are many ways to cool down and relax.  There are beaches where you can spend the day in the sun and cool off in the lake.  At High Point Inn we have an outdoor pool that is great for lounging and cooling off.  There are also many parks with wonderful shaded hiking and biking trails.  However, the best way to cool down (in my opinion) is with an ice cream cone and a sunset.

Once the sun starts to go down and the heavy heat of the day has passed it is the perfect time to head to your favorite ice cream shop and go for a nice stroll to the water to watch the sun set.  

In EphraimWilson’s is the ideal place to get your favorite flavor of ice cream and watch the sunset.  Just across the street there are benches lined up along the shore.  From here there is a great view of the harbor, and the bluffs create a beautiful contrast to the colors of the sunset. 

There are many different locations to choose from, so you might have to leave a couple nights open for ice cream and sunsets!  Join us at High Point Inn and we’d be happy to give some more suggestions.

Ride for Nature this weekend!

High Point Inn is proud to be a sponsor of Ride for Nature, which is taking place this Saturday the 19th of June. 

The Ridges Sanctuary along with the Peninsula Pacers has organized a fun Saturday of bicycling.  This event is for all, from the avid cyclist to families just looking for a fun activity.  This year they have introduced a century ride along with a 50-mile route, 25-mile route and even a 15-mile route.  Not only have they planned out the courses but they also provide food and beverages at designated rest stops and a pasta lunch at the end.

Ride for Nature benefits Ridges Sanctuary and their education programs.  This is a great way to travel Door County’s scenic back roads and support a good cause!

A Celebration In Ephraim!

The summer season officially starts this coming weekend for all of Door County and Ephraim is kicking it off with a weekend long festival.  Fyr Bal in Ephraim is a long time tradition; it is a celebration of the beginning of summer and there is a lot to do!

Ephraim will be busy with walking tours, music, arts and crafts and food tents on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Friday is a quieter day of the festival with walking tours and ending with a peaceful midsummer’s music festival by Hardy Gallery on Anderson Dock. 

Saturday is full of events complete with a regatta presented by the Ephraim Yacht Club, a raffle, a cakewalk and food all day.  The celebration carries on into the evening with a traditional fish boil and more music.  Then at 8:30 the multiple bonfires lined up along the water are lit creating an impressive image. Finally to end the day fireworks are set off over the harbor at sunset.

Sunday the celebration will continue with more arts and crafts, music, food and a special visit from Bucky the Badger.  The festival then winds down in the evening with a family sing-along at the village hall.

Come visit us in Ephraim at High Point Inn to celebrate the beginning of summer!  The whole village will be full of excitement and fun!

In memory of Door County icon Al Johnson

This weekend Al Johnson, the Door County entrepreneur who put goats on his roof and in doing so helped bring tourists to Door County passed away. Al Johnson’s Swedish Restaurant was almost always on visitors “must go” list since he opened his doors in 1949. In honor of this iconic man who did so much to promote Door County as a tourist destination, we are providing a few links that will only scratch the surface of what he meant to Sister Bay and the Door peninsula:

From Myles Dannhausen, Jr. at the Peninsula Pulse:

His restaurant was one of northern Door County’s largest employers. Countless area kids paid for their college educations with paychecks earned beneath Al’s famous grass roof. When former workers fell on hard times, he found a place for them, even if they had once left on bad terms.

His staff benefitted from the kind of security and perks rarely seen in the restaurant or tourism industries, helping employees make a life and raise a family in Northern Door. The tips earned by his waitresses have long been the envy of colleagues at other establishments. Those workers have spread their income around the village and the county, filling bars with dirndls (to the delight of many a visitor), and spending on groceries, clothing, and homes.

Photos and notes from the 60th anniversary celebration that took place in Sister Bay last summer.

And finally, an audio podcast interview with his great friend Norb Blei that took place in February of 2007. For anyone under the impression that Al Johnson was a reserved, stoic person, listen to this interview for some stories about a life that was lived with gusto, grace and more than a bit of mischief.

Our thoughts go out to Al’s family and his many dear friends.

A Fun Packed Door County Weekend

Come join us at High Point Inn for an eventful weekend! 

The weekend is upon us and the Door Peninsula is full of activity.  Despite the rain today there were many people out and about throughout the county.  I even spotted some bikers and walkers out in the rain. Along with the usual activities, this weekend has some special events. 

For one, Steel Bridge Songfest is underway with various musicians performing throughout the weekend in historic Sturgeon Bay.

It is also the lighthouse walk weekend.   There are guided tours provided by the Door County Maritime Museum that visit the many lighthouses.  Self-guided tours are another option; with most of the lighthouses open for regular season visitors it is possible to visit them on your own time. 

In Fish Creek they are celebrating Heritage days with tours, music, art, food and even a Saturday evening dance. 

This is just a sample of all that is going on in Door County this weekend.  Come join us at High Point Inn for all the fun, but make sure to leave some time for sitting back and relaxing!

The Upside of Rainy Days in Door County

When rain clouds drift over the peninsula it can put a damper on many of Door County’s favorite outdoor activities.  However, there are also some positive aspects to the slightly dreary weather that sometimes finds us.  Here are a few things to think about next time rain visits you in Door County.

1) One can shop guilt free (to a certain extent).  While browsing the many shops there is no need to worry about missing the great outdoors.

2) There is now more time to visit Door County’s art galleries and museums

3) Rain makes for a nice relaxing indoor atmosphere.  High Point Inn’s hot tub and pool provide a nice place to relax while watching the weather outside. 

4) After the rain clears the county will become even greener, the birds will begin to sing and everything will feel refreshed.

5) Once and a while the rain will also bring with it a rainbow or two.  Spotting a rainbow over one of Door County’s beautiful landscapes never loses its charm. 

Whether it is raining or the sun is shining Door County is a great place to visit, so come stay with us at High Point Inn (rain or shine!)

Door County 101: how to enjoy a lazy Saturday on the Door peninsula

How do you enjoy a lazy Saturday in Door County? Here are some suggestions from Ephraim’s High Point Inn.

1) Start your morning out right and prepare a nice relaxing breakfast in your own suite with a full kitchen.  Enjoy while taking in the scenery from your deck. 

2) Take a short drive to one of our nearby state parks.  Choose from: Peninsula State Park, Newport State Park, or Whitefish Dunes State Park where you can hike or bike your way around.

3) Stop in Ephraim at Leroy’s Water Street Coffee where you can refuel with your choice of a coffee or espresso drink and perhaps a small bakery snack while relaxing in the shade.

4) Head back to the resort for a nice dip in the pool and a soak in the hot tub.   

5) After a quick snooze head down the street to Green Gables to explore their quaint Door County shops.

6) Now it’s time to enjoy dinner out at your favorite Door County restaurant

7) One last thing to top off your relaxing Door County Saturday… head to Wilson’s for a scoop of your favorite ice cream and a take a stroll along the shoreline. 

So come join us at High Point Inn for your next lazy Saturday!

Door County Wildflower Report: Purple Phlox along Beach Rd. in Sister Bay


One of the most delightful things about spring, summer and fall hiking and biking on the back roads of Door County, are the constantly changing colors in the fields you pass by. It got us thinking that we needed to add a new category to our blog (drum roll). So here it is…the newest addition to the Door County High Points blog is our weekly wildflower report – in season of course. Today’s wildflower sighting is Purple Phlox -  spotted during a bike ride on beautiful Beach Road in Sister Bay.

Wildflowers are just one of the many reasons to visit the High Point Inn in Ephraim. Contact us and we will share more reasons with you!