Door County Wildlife Watch

It seems that the large amount of rain we have had here in Door County, followed by bright sunshine and warm weather has bought out the wildlife.  The Birds are in the fields, including wild turkeys and cranes.  In the woods there are many deer and their fawns along with a multitude of mosquitoes (just remember bug spray.)  We even had a snake sighting (harmless of course and OUTSIDE.) 

Wildlife is a big part of the Door Peninsula.  There are places you can go while you’re here to learn more about different species and habitats.  In Peninsula State Park there is a nature center that has a permanent collection along with special activities for the family.  The Ridges Sanctuary in Baileys Harbor offers great information about the local environment and has special planned activities.  In Whitefish Dunes State Park there is also a nature center with even more information.  These places are great to visit because you not only have a great source of information but you’re also right in the parks and can hike around to investigate.

On your next visit to High Point Inn make sure to take the time to check out the parks or even just the wildlife you see while on the run.