A Relaxing Bicycle Ride in Door County

Door County is a great place for cycling.  The peninsula offers many back roads that are suited for riding and there is also a selection of bike trails.  The best trail (in my opinion that is) is Sunset Bike Trail in Peninsula State Park.  The park is just a short drive from High Point Inn and Sunset Trail is a beautiful family bike trail.   

The trail itself is about 10 miles long and it goes in a nice loop through the state park.  The path leads you by Eagle Bluff Lighthouse and Nicolet Bay Beach, which has a nice sand beach along with a playground, concessions and boat rentals.   It also crosses by the American Folklore theatre.  This trail is great because it offers a biking area away from cars and it is open to the whole family.  Also, most of the course is shaded and goes by the water, perfect for sightseeing!

Just the other morning I made it out on the trail early, it was a very peaceful ride.  Getting out on the trail early is always nice,this is generally a quieter time and the wildlife is still out!  On my ride, I managed to see two does, two fawns, and a baby chipmunk (which wasn’t very quick to get out of the way).

If you’re looking for a fun family activity this is it!  Then after the ride everyone will be ready to cool off in the lake or here in the outdoor pool at High Point Inn.